One of the design studio that is oriented for a more human creation of objects which respond to real situations and interactions rather than to purely functionalist is La Mamba, a young design team established in 2008 in Spain. New members of their design family are Oblo coat hangers and Pendulum desk mirror, specially designed for new GIR collection.

Helping your child achieve their dreams begins earlier than you might think. These tips for creating space for study, play time and relaxation will fire up their imagination while preparing them for back-to-school time.

Say Dragička – New toy brend in GIR Store

There are so many reasons to rejoice and be happy, and much more to say Dragička. Unique, funny and handmade Dragička toys are for every child, either little or big.

BsaB essential oils now in GIR Store

BsaB is a leading global brand of organic candles and diffusers now with presence in Serbia, in GIR Store. The BsaB range is made up of great natural ‘calming’ products like our aromatherapy pure essential oil diffusers. All their products are made from the finest natural ingredients.

Muuto – Fall / Winter 2018

New designs from Muuto are in! Scandinavian design brand Muuto has just launched a series of new designs for Fall/Winter collection, and they’re a dream for any minimalist out there. This collection will be available soon at GIR Store.